The Mountain Club of Malawi is a social club for citizens and residents of Malawi. It aims to encourage and assist people to make the most of the unique opportunities that the country provides. Malawi’s many beautiful mountains offer everything from gentle walks to challenging terrains and support a wide variety of flora and fauna, rivers and pools.

On Mulanje, heading down from Nandalanda Peak.

The Mulanje Massif is one of Malawi’s most beautiful mountain areas. There are many fascinating spiritual beliefs associated with the mountain which are still part of the local culture and should be respected. There are nine huts on the mountain owned by the Forestry Department and maintained by the Mountain Club and the Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT) which enable Club members to enjoy Mulanje to the full. Full details of hut facilities, routes, hiking times, etc, are provided on this website.

Sadly, all Malawi's mountain areas are increasingly threatened by population pressure and the destruction of natural resources. MMCT is working to find ways to protect the biodiversity and beauty of Mulanje, while at the same time developing and supporting realistic alternatives for the communities that depend on its resources.

Malawi Weather

Mountain weather can be severe and unpredictable, and should always be checked locally before setting off on a trip. However, an indication of general conditions in Malawi is available from the freemeteo.com web site, and forecasts for the main mountain areas of Mulanje, Zomba, Dedza and Nyika are shown below. Note that these are NOT the same conditions that you will find at altitude!