Bike Rides

The following mostly off-road rides are well worth trying if you have access to a mountain bike and want a change from walking. Take a partner, and plenty to drink!

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Mulanje Cycle Circuit (110km off and on-road) Download
This is a full day ride clockwise around Mulanje, starting and ending at Chitakali, where you can get probably the best pizzas in Malawi. Surfaces are variable and there is one fairly tough section from Phalombe, through the Fort Lister gap. You can find refreshments at Phalombe, in the villages on the Mozambique side of the Mulanje Massif, and at Muloza, down by the Mozambique border, before the fairly long road section back to Chitakali.

Thunga to Tabwa Ride via Nkhate (off-road) Download
This half-day ride works best if you have a partner with a vehicle who can pick you up at Nkhate, though you may be able to cadge a lift back in a truck, and gluttons for punishment can tackle the steep, snaking road up out of the Escarpment. The main attraction is the LONG downhill section into the Escarpment itself, with great views of the Shire valley, probably followed by a welcome refreshment stop at Nkhate.

Zomba Cycle Circuit (off-road) Download
Zomba Plateau is a 60km drive from Blantyre. This circuit starts from the Ku Chawe Inn and takes in most of the beautiful plateau, mostly on reasonable-quality dirt roads. Some short detours will take you to stunning waterfalls, dark forests and spectacular viewpoints, including Mlumbe Peak. You can park at Ku Chawe or, if you're feeling fit, start from Zomba itself and take the old road up to Ku Chawe. Zooming down on the new road back to Zomba will make a good end to your day.