At the Hut

Each hut has its own watchman, or Mlonda, who should be at the hut when you arrive there. Please appreciate that his understanding of your language may be very limited, and that he will appreciate it if you try your best Chichewa (see the section on conversation). Tell him that you are a Mountain Club member. This will also be evident from the fact that you have a key to the MCM stores. The watchman’s job is look after the hut and to provide some basic services such as fetching water, firewood and washing dishes. Although the watchman is responsible for the general security of the hut, he is not responsible for the contents and state of the storesyou are! He should not remove items from the store and should not replace them unless he is directly assisting you.

Each hut has four mattresses that are kept outside the store for use by visitors who are not members of MCM. Check that these are in the hut and, if not, ask the watchman where they are. All stores contain blankets; please ensure they are dry as possible before stacking back into the cupboard. The MCM has provided separate storage boxes and blankets for the porters.

Mattresses should not be given to porters – not even the ones for general use – as they are for the use of visitors who are paying to sleep in the huts. No other equipment should be given to porters. Remember, MCM members pay to use the stores’ contents; porters are not paying for these facilities and therefore do not have the use of stores equipment. They should have their own kit for their needs and not be reliant on mountain visitors.

If there are visitors at the hut who are not MCM members, you may choose to let them use some of the stores equipment. Please remember that, if you do this, then you are responsible for ensuring that all equipment is accounted for and clean when returned to the store.

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