Conversation with the Watchman

Most of the hut watchmen are not fluent in any language except for Chichewa. They may well understand and speak a little English, but do take care to make your communication very clear and simple to avoid any tricky misunderstandings.

Here are a few examples of simple sentences that may be of use while you are at the hut:
Pasted Graphic

English: What is your name?
Chichewa: Dzina lanu ndi ndani?
English: My name is (name).
Chichewa:Dzina langa ndi (name)
English: Please can I have more water?
Chichewa: Mungandipatse madzi?
English: Please can I have more firewood?
Chichewa: Mungandipatseko nkhuni zina pang'ono?
English: Please can you clean these things for me?
Chichewa: Chonde mungandichapireko zinthu izi?
English: Where can I swim here?
Chichewa: Kodi ndingasambire kuti pano?
English: Thank you very much for all your help.
Chichewa: Ndathokoza kwambiri chifukwa cha. Chitsamaliro chanu.
English: We are now going towards (destination).
Chichewa: Tsopano tikulowera ku (destination).
English: Can you tell me where my porter is right now?
Chichewa: Munagndiuze komwe ali porter wanga?

All Malawians will appreciate the effort you make to speak some of their local language even if you never become fluent!