Environmental Do’s and Don’ts

Mulanje is a special place that needs your sensitive thought to maintain its natural beauty. As a MCM member, you also have a role to sensitise others to appreciate this and to guide their actions to be more considerate.

Fire – is very destructive to the mountain’s habitats and great care should be taken to avoid starting them. Should you come across a wild fire and are able to reduce its impact, at your own risk have a go at putting it out!

Firewood – use only what you need to cook and keep you warm as wood use obviously impacts the forests and also has to be fetched from a considerable distance at some huts. Be aware that large fireplace fires in the past have caused the destruction of huts.

Rubbish – burn what can be burnt, bury biodegradable waste and carry off the mountain what should be disposed of elsewhere. We should try to keep what doesn’t belong on the mountain off it. If you are willing to assist keep the mountain in a good state, you are welcome to pick up the litter on the paths.

Rivers – it is a great experience to enjoy swimming in the pools on the mountain but please avoid the use of detergents and soap in the rivers, as there are many who rely on this water downstream for drinking and household purposes.

Insecticides – there are no malaria-carrying mosquitoes on the mountain so there is no need to use insecticides.

Exotic plants – we have a problem with invasive exotics on the mountain such as pines, eucalypts, Himalayan raspberries and even Ma Brown’s foxgloves… In South Africa they’re called ‘aliens’ and, if you are so inclined, you are welcome to destroy them wherever you find them! But please ensure that you’ve identified them correctly first!

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