Leaving and Going Down

Before locking the stores up, please ensure that all items that have been used are washed and dried and replaced tidily back into the stores. This includes kettles, which must be washed after use. Please do not put dirty tea towels back into the store – have them washed and dried first!
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Please check that the four mattresses for general use of other visitors are left outside the store but that all others are put back in the store. Non-perishable food should be left in rat-proof containers and any other useful items such as candles and matches would also be a welcome addition to the stores.The list of the main items listed on the inventory and payment form should then be completed and a note made if there is anything else important missing or broken, that requires replacement. Any damage or repairs necessary to the hut should be noted as well as any evidence of rats around. Please write your party details and comments in the MCM logbook that is in the stores.

Once you have locked up the stores, the watchman will probably ask you to sign his Forestry Department visitor’s book. This serves as a record of hut visits. There is no need for you to pay the watchman for any Forestry Entry or Hut fees. However, you should tip the him for looking after your party. MK1000 for a small group per night is a reasonable amount.

Before walking down, once again clarify with your porters what you expect of them on the way down. Would you like them to walk with you or wait for you at the bottom? On many routes there are many pleasant pools to swim in and these are good points to touch base with the porters on your climb down.

Once you reach your vehicle, settle the remaining payment with the porters who have assisted you. Both good and bad service should be noted on the inventory and payment form. It is also a courtesy to tip the watchman who has looked after your car an amount of about MK500 per night.

The route to Madzeka Hut from Lujeri Tea Estate has a number of ladders - quite a vertiginous climb!