Going Up

If you're planning a new route up Mulanje, ensure that you have a clear understanding from experienced members of how to get to the base from which you are to climb before you start off. There are clear, informative road signs around the mountain, but it is best not to rely totally on them. It will help your planning if you know approximately how long the journey will take and the likely road conditions, especially in the rainy season. Always set off with plenty of time to arrive at your starting point and complete the climb without having to rush unduly.
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If you are starting off from one of the Forestry Department offices, inform the officer on duty that you are a MCM member, which is easily done by showing them your MCM stores key. You should not pay any Forestry entry or accommodation fees to the officer as these are combined with the club fees and paid to your key keeper. The Club Treasurer compiles a list of MCM members’ visits to Mount Mulanje on a regular basis and remits the total amount then to the Department of Forestry.

Selecting your porters needs clear understanding of some basic procedures. At all bases there is a roster system; at Forestry Department offices this will be organised by them, and at the other bases the porters themselves will organise it. Please do not select your own porters as this will antagonise the others who will be patiently waiting their turn. Should you wish to take a guide then you may select one directly yourself depending on your area of interest.

The guide and porters should be given a third of the total trip amount payable immediately (see current rates) so that they can quickly buy food – but stress to them that they need to be quick. Before you start, get their name(s) from their ID card(s) to record on the hut form and clearly establish how you want them to work for you. Should you have any trouble with a porter or a guide who, for instance, tries to extort money for some seemingly important reason, is inebriated, or causes any other problems, then please report this on your inventory and payment form.

Mulanje has plenty of great opportunities for swimming