Trip Preparation

Trips to Mulanje and other areas are organised by the Club for members and guests on many weekends throughout the year. MCM committee members and key keepers generally lead these, but all experienced members are encouraged to be leaders. Planned trips are advertised on the MCM web site, and for members in the club’s Newsletter and through email reminders.
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If you choose to join a trip, then you need to contact the leader at least a week in advance Depending on the number of participants, meals and transport could be shared. These organised outings are a great way for new members to build their confidence on new routes, to visit different huts and to make new friends.

If you decide that you would like to lead your own trip up Mulanje, then there are a number of aspects that you will need to attend to. The following hints will help you organise your trip.

Bookings – It is best to register with InfoMulanje the hut(s) that you wish to visit although you cannot formally book accommodation - “mountain rules” apply and anyone arriving at a hut will not be turned away! However, by registering your plan you allow others to also plan their trips; this is particularly important for large groups. Contact infoMulanje by telephone on 01 466 466, emailing or stopping by their office in Chitikale. Guides and porters can also be arranged at the same time.

Guide for Trips up Mulanje – To help members and visitors remember their responsibilities, we have prepared a one-page summary of do’s and don’ts for when they take a key, visit Mulanje and use the huts and MCM stores.

Stores Key – The most vital thing to get before you leave for your trip is the MCM stores key so don’t forget it!

Checklist - it is very easy even for experienced hikers to forget bits and bobs. To help you make sure you have everything for a comfortable trip we have prepared the following checklist.

Hut Form – Download the Stores Inventory and Payment form or ask your key keeper for a copy, the top half of which (Forestry and Club fees) should be completed before departure. Your party’s number or nights-up may change and these adjustments can be made once you return the key and finalise the fees payment. The bottom half of this form is a stores’ inventory table, which you should complete before leaving the hut.

The Hut Stores – The advantage of being a club member is that there is no need to carry cooking and other basic equipment. All huts have a locked store where all essential items are kept in good order for members to use. It is the responsibility of the trip leader to release items and ensure that everything is returned in a clean state. This system has operated effectively for many years due to the good faith and thoughtful consideration of all the members. Stores are maintained with the assistance of the Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust. This does still require the diligence of members to complete the stores’ report section of the form so that MMCT receives our constant feedback. To ensure that the club stores are comprehensively stocked, please check with MMCT before you start your trip whether you can assist by taking up any items.