Official Rates for Mount Mulanje

The MCM rates below are effective as of January 2014. Please see the Forms page for MCM membership details.
Please remember that, if you are visiting Mulanje as or with an MCM member (ie taking a hut key with you) these fees should be paid to the Club through your Key Keeper (with the exception of porters’ and guides’ fees, parking and hut watchmen’s tips).

Pasted Graphic
Entry Fee per visit MKW 100 per person
Vehicle Entry Fee MKW 200 per tonne
Forestry Fees – Adult MKW 1,000 per night (1)
Forestry Fees – Child MKW 500 per night (2)
Camping Fee – Adult MKW 500 per night
Camping Fee – Child MKW 250 per night (2)
Forestry Office Car Parking MKW 100 per day (1)
Mountain Club Fees MKW 500 per night for members (3)
MKW 1,000 per night for non-members who are accompanying a member (4)

1. Tips are recommended for Hut and Car Park Watchmen.
2. Children under 5 years free, 6-12 years 50% of adult rate.
3. Please note that the per night club fee will be split and used partly for the replenishment of stores and part will go into a community fund to support projects such as the new hostel for schools due to be built on Lichenya plateau to facilitate Malawian (and other) school groups to make trips to Mulanje. In due course we will provide information on this website about the projects that the money has been used for.

Please report any problems you experience while hiking on Mulanje to the Forestry Department and / or infoMulanje as well as telling MCM immediately on your return.