Tours and Peaks from your Hut

The wonderful thing about spending more than one night on Mulanje is that, once up on the plateau, the hard work is usually done. This allows you time to enjoy a walk to some of the beautiful pools on the mountain, create your own circular walk, or climb a peak.

If you are taking a day trip and intending to return to the hut later, please be sure that you inform the watchman of your intentions and write a detailed plan in the hut logbook. If you are doing a day trip (especially a peak) and plan to stay at another hut or descend the mountain, then please write your intentions in the watchman’s book as well as the logbook. This is for your own safety in the event that someone may have to search for you later. Always return before dark! Others staying at the hut will otherwise be concerned and this could ruin their visit as well as yours. While out for the day, all items from the store should be put back inside and the stores locked. It is also advisable to pack your personal belongings and lock them in the store.

The routes up the highest Mulanje peaks (those over 2,500m) are described in Frank Eastwood’s guidebook and these and the lower peaks are listed here on the MCM web site. The granite slabs on the peaks are wonderful to walk up in dry conditions but become slippery and treacherous when wet. If it is raining, do not attempt any peaks. Follow routes where they exist as they often avoid dangerous spots. NEVER EVER CLIMB A PEAK ALONE. In the event of an accident someone needs to be able to raise the alarm and bring help.

The weather on Mulanje can change suddenly, so when taking a day hike or climbing a peak always pack warm clothing and waterproofs. A sunny sky can change suddenly to become a wet one with low cloud, so always carry a compass and map. Many hikers now carry a GPS, which helps enormously in poor visibility. It is advisable to pack a rope in the rainy season, as streams can become substantial rivers in a heavy downpour and only a rope will get you safely across.

Pasted GraphicView from Thuchila over Elephant's Head and Chambe, Mulanje