Mulanje Peak Bagging Competition

The race is again on to be the number one Mulanje Peakbagger for 2016! Consider yourself a “Peakbagger” if you reach the summit of a given mountain or peak. Consider yourself “Mulanje Peakbagger 2016” if you scale Mulanje’s highest peaks faster than anyone else this calendar year. To add to the glory of victory, two winners will also receive prizes. The competition has two categories:
  • Most Mulanje peaks in a day - A group did five peaks in one day last year, can anyone do more?
  • Most Mulanje peaks in the year - Can you do all 62?

Peakbaggers love lists. There are millions of peaks on earth, but only a subset are usually considered worth “bagging”: the highest, most prominent, or otherwise most special summits. Lists are central to the entire endeavor of peak bagging, and creating, organizing, and debating lists is a time-honored tradition in peak bagging circles.

The stated goal of the Peakbagger website is to host the most comprehensive collection of peak lists in the world, now including Mulanje as one of the first in Africa. The Peakbagger website forms the platform for the competition (and will be available after the competition closes). Two lists have been created on the website:
  • Frank Eastwood’s Mulanje 15’ - the 15 major walking peaks from the seminal guide book of Mulanje.
  • Mulanje 59 Peaks’ - the complete list of Mulanje peaks, any point with a prominence of 60 metres. To date only completed by two known individuals!
The website has a ‘Front Runners List’ showing the climbers who have made most progress on the list alongside their climbing record. A winner will be declared for each list. The competition is open to all Mountain Club members; entrants must abide by the following rules:
1. The first person to bag all the peaks on the list wins.
2. The peak must be climbed between January 1st - December 31st 2015.
3. An up-to-date record of peaks climbed must be made on the Peakbagger website (you can create an account here)
4. Proof of Peakbagging (photos, GPS tracks, diaries or heroic stories) is required. The Mountain Club Committee will investigate any suspicious Peakbagging activity and adjudicate on any disputes.
5. Entrants should abide by usual mountain safety guidelines.

The Mulanje Peakbagger 2016 champions will be announced at the MCM Christmas Social - Happy Peakbagging!

Khuto from the base of Dzole; the direct route connecting the two peaks goes straight up this face